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Received Your Voter Registration Certificate?

December 19, 2013

If you recently received your orange voter registration certificate, you may have noticed the addition of a previous, or maiden name, on the left hand side of the card. Do not panic, your name has not been changed on the voter rolls! Due to voter identification legislation passed in 2011, the Secretary of State has asked Counties to include previous names on the registration certificates to help ward off problems at the polls should a person present an outdated form of identification that contains the previous name. Please be sure to check the mailing address, on the right of the certificate for the official listing of your name.

Senator Santa heading your way

December 16, 2013

Senator Santa — aka Sen. Carlos Uresti — will travel to Lytle, Pearsall, Carrizo Springs, Eagle Pass, Del Rio, Brackettville, and Uvalde on Wednesday and Thursday of next week to spread some cheer to senior citizens and children who might not otherwise have much to look forward to this Christmas.

Senator Santa will distribute coffee cups and calendars to the seniors, and the kids will get toys collected at the senator's 17th Annual District Christmas Party and Toy Drive on Dec. 13 in San Antonio.

Since 1997, Sen. Uresti has collected and distributed more than 12,800 toys for children in need across the district.

For media wishing to cover these events or talk Sen. Uresti about local issues please note the following locations and approximate times:

Senator Uresti's statement on Attorney General's race

November 27, 2013

Since being approached to run as a candidate for Attorney General of Texas a few months ago, I have devoted many hours of thought and prayer to a possible candidacy. The outpouring of support from my family and constituents in Senate District 19 — both in person through social media — has been awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Texas is a great state, but we can do better. I have seen firsthand the great needs that exist in Senate District 19. Public schools and universities are underfunded, healthcare is often not accessible, and for many in the district, health insurance is unaffordable.

Consider the constitutional amendment for the State Water Plan

October 11, 2013

Constitutional amendment elections rarely attract the interest of Texas voters, but the one coming up next month deserves everyone's attention.

Proposition 6 on the Nov. 5 ballot would provide $2 billion from the rainy day fund to the State Water Plan. With so much at stake, Texas citizens must take the time to education themselves in order to cast an informed vote.

Both supporters and opponents of the measure agree that Texas must address its long-term water needs. Wherever you live in Texas, particularly in Senate District 19, those needs are clear.

Uresti to Pitts: Reconsider!

August 23, 2013

State Sen. Carlos Uresti is urging House Appropriations Chairman Jim Pitts to reconsider his decision to retire from the Texas Legislature.

"I understand Jim's desire to step away from the Legislature after 20 years of sterling service, but his wisdom and leadership will be needed more than ever in the next session," said Uresti, who has served with Pitts for the last 16 years. "His work ethic, his handling of the budget and the respect he has earned from fellow lawmakers have made him indispensable to the legislative process."

Uresti added: "I urge Jim to reconsider and give us a few more years before bidding farewell."

TxDOT offers possible 60-day moratorium on gravel road conversions

August 21, 2013

(SAN ANTONIO) — The Texas Department of Transportation on Tuesday agreed to a conditional 60-day moratorium on converting paved roads to gravel in West and South Texas, following discussions with state Sen. Carlos Uresti and several other state legislators and county officials.

"I appreciate TxDOT's willingness to work with the Legislature and local communities on this important issue," Uresti said. "It is critically important that counties be given an opportunity to find alternatives to tearing up paved roads."

Uresti bill would set guidelines for gravel road conversions

August 5, 2013

AUSTIN — State Sen. Carlos Uresti on Monday filed an amendment to House Bill 1 in the 3rd called session that would have required the Texas Department of Transportation to follow specific guidelines and seek local input before converting paved highways into gravel roads.

Amendment 1 to HB 1 was filed in response to TxDOT's announced plan to tear up some 83 miles of asphalt roads in West and South Texas and convert them into gravel roads, due to the agency's funding shortfall and its inability to address the impact of the state's oil drilling boom on state roads. The plan also calls for reducing the speed limit on the converted roads to 30 mph.

Sen. Uresti issues statement on offensive remarks by Rep. Steve King (Spanish)

July 25, 2013

El Senador Carlos Uresti unió su voz a la de políticos de los dos partidos criticando las palabras del Representante de Iowa Steve King, quien dijo en una entrevista a

"Por cada uno que se gradúa numero uno de la secundaria, hay otros 100 que pesan 130 libras - y tienen las pantorrillas del tamaño de melones por que cargan 75 libras de mariguana a través del desierto. Ese tipo de gente también seria legalizada con esta reforma."

"Las palabras del Representante King no nada mas son ofensivas a todos los Latinos, pero también degrada a todos los Americanos que juzgan a individuos por su disposición a trabajar y sacrificarse por sus familias y no por el color de su piel o por su país de origen," dijo Uresti, líder de la Camarilla Hispana del Senado de Texas.

Sen. Uresti issues statement on offensive remarks by Rep. Steve King

July 25, 2013

State Sen. Carlos Uresti joined lawmakers of both political parties in condemning the hateful remarks of Iowa Rep. Steve King, who told the conservative website that:

"For everyone who's a valedictorian, there's another 100 out there that they weigh 130 pounds — and they've got calves the size of cantaloupes because they're hauling 75 pounds of marijuana across the desert. Those people would be legalized with the same act."

"Representative King's words are offensive not only to all Latinos, but to all Americans who judge individuals by their willingness to work and sacrifice for their families, not by the color of their skin or country of origin," said Uresti, who chairs the Texas Senate Hispanic Caucus.

Sen. Uresti issues statement on passage of HB2

July 12, 2013

 This evening the Texas Legislature, amidst much controversy, passed the omnibus HB 2, arbitrarily restricting access to reproductive healthcare for millions of Texas women. Senator Uresti offered several amendments to the bill, including an amendment to exempt victims of rape and incest from the bill.