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After Vela, Democrats still have plenty of worries

April 17, 2010

San Antonio Express News

by Greg Jefferson

The campaign to smash Carla Vela's chances of winning the Democratic nomination for county clerk was a marvel of coordination: grass-roots organizing married to fundraising, passion to cool-headed strategizing.

Joyce Dorrycott, who has worked for Democratic candidates and causes since 1972, called it the “most united effort” she'd seen.

Uresti presides over first meeting of new statewide task force on child abuse

April 16, 2010

Launching an effort to enhance child abuse prevention efforts in Texas, Sen. Carlos Uresti hosted the  first meeting of the Statewide Blue Ribbon Task Force he created in the last session of the Legislature.

"Today we lay the groundwork for what's to come," Uresti told task force members and state agency officials at the Jan. 28 meeting at the state Capitol.

As provided in SB 2080, the task force will review the existing programs and resources that address child abuse and neglect prevention, formulate new strategies, and submit a plan to state leaders by Aug. 1, 2011.

Viewpoint: It's time to 'Go Blue' against child abuse

April 8, 2010

Guest Commentary

by Senator Carlos Uresti


Where ever you live, when you tuck your kids into bed at night and give them a kiss goodnight, not far away other children are lying awake in pain, fear and hunger.

Last year, there were 68,300 confirmed cases of child abuse in Texas, and 280 kids died.

Work zone ahead — ease up on the pedal!

April 8, 2010

Guest Commentary

by Senator Carlos Uresti


Perhaps you were driving through life too fast last week to notice it was National Work Zone Awareness Week.

Don't worry. It's not too late to slow down, stop fiddling with the radio dial, put the cell phone away and watch where you're going. You could save a hefty traffic ticket —perhaps even your life.