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Rackspace Hosting Partners with Alamo Colleges for $2.5 Million Job-Training Grant

February 8, 2013

AUSTIN – Rackspace Hosting has partnered with Alamo Colleges to provide job training using a $2.5 million Skills Development Fund grant from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC).
“This grant will provide training for skills that companies would have previously had to search for globally,” said state Sen. Carlos Uresti. “We are pleased that this partnership will result in good-paying jobs here in Texas.”

“This partnership is good for our families, good for our businesses, and good for San Antonio,” said state Sen. Donna Campbell. “Together, the State of Texas, Alamo Colleges, and Rackspace are creating 1,000 new jobs and providing workers with opportunities to develop the skills that will ensure Texas remains a leader in 21st Century technology.”

Act now to fix school finance system

February 4, 2013

 (AUSTIN) - State Sen. Carlos Uresti said Monday a judge's ruling that the state's school finance system is unconstitutional should spur the Legislature to enact reforms now and not wait on an appeal.

State District Judge John Dietz, ruling in the three-month long trial after both sides made their closing arguments, sided with plaintiffs in the case who argued that state money is inadequately and unfairly distributed to public schools.

The state is expected to appeal the ruling to the Texas Supreme Court, which Uresti said will merely delay the inevitable.

Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti opens Eagle Pass office

February 1, 2013

 By: Jose G. Landa, Eagle Pass Business Journal

Texas Senator Carlos Uresti, District 19, announced the opening of his Eagle Pass office at the Old Maverick County Courthouse, located at 501 East Main Street, in downtown Eagle Pass.

“My Senator’s office is open to the public and under the direction of Helen Martinez, Administrative Assistant. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, and the telephone number is (830) 758-0294,” said Senator Uresti.

Uresti files bills to increase smoking age, ban sugary drinks from public schools

January 31, 2013

 AUSTIN — State Sen. Carlos Uresti filed health legislation on Thursday that would raise the legal smoking age in Texas to 21, ban the sale of sugary drinks at public schools, and stem the abuse of opioid drugs.

Uresti also filed bills that would allow voter registration on line, provide assistance to pregnant teenagers and teen mothers in danger of dropping out of school; and prevent corporations from skirting payment of the hotel/motel tax.

Senate Bill 313 would increase the legal age to purchase, possess, or consume tobacco products in Texas from 18 to 21 years of age.

Uresti files bill to create fund for county road repairs

January 30, 2013

 AUSTIN — County roads that have taken a beating from the shale oil boom in South and West Texas would be eligible for repair funds under legislation filed Wednesday by state Sen. Carlos Uresti.

Senate Bill 300 — the first bill filed by Uresti in the 83rd session because of its importance to the district — would create a road improvement fund comprised of oil and gas severance taxes and managed by the Texas Department of Transportation.

"The resurgence of oil and gas production in South Texas and the Permian Basin has created thousands of jobs and spurred the state and local economies," Uresti said. "But all this activity has taken a heavy toll on our roadways, and counties should not have to shoulder the burden of repair costs alone."

State Senator Carlos Uresti Brings Holiday Tidings to AVANCE Del Rio Families

January 25, 2013


AVANCE’s Early Head Start program in Del Rio Texas got a friendly visit from Texas State Senator, Carlos Uresti, on Thursday December 20th, 2012 at La Casa de La Cultura in Del Rio, Texas. Senator Uresti, who represents the 19th Texas Congressional District, dressed up as Santa Claus and gave away gifts to the children enrolled in AVANCE’s Early Head Start program.

Sen. Uresti draws four-year term

January 23, 2013

 AUSTIN — Sen. Carlos Uresti got a four-year term on Wednesday when members of the Texas Senate drew lots for new terms required by redistricting changes.

"It was the luck of the draw, and I am delighted," Uresti said, attributing his good fortune to some visiting students from Real County who watched the drawing from the Senate Gallery. "In the political equivalent of a first-round bye, my term will extend until 2016. But I will continue to let the constituents of Senate District 19 know where I stand on the issues. Election or not, I will always be accountable to the voters."

Specia is the right man to lead DFPS

November 19, 2012

By Sen. Carlos Uresti

There is new reason to hope that the state agency charged with protecting our children and the elderly will soon step up its efforts on behalf of the most vulnerable citizens in society.

Senior district Judge John J. Specia Jr. of San Antonio, who has been on the front lines of the fight against child abuse and neglect for many years, was appointed by Gov. Rick Perry as commissioner of the Department of Family and Protective Services DFPS.

Sen. Uresti Thanks Supporters

November 8, 2012

We did it! Thanks to your support and confidence we were able to win re-election with nearly 60 percent of the vote.
Most importantly, I would like to thank the voters of District 19 for their support, this includes Democrats, Republicans, and Independent voters. I was especially encouraged by the great words of advice--and concern, expressed to me on Tuesday as I greeted voters at their polling location.

"What are we going to do about all of this traffic" they said, over and over again. "Thank you for your work on child abuse prevention", I was told several times. But, by far the greatest concern, and the number one mandate of District 19 voters was "keep fighting for our schools Carlos".