Senator Carlos Uresti Passes “Camo Alert” to Help Texas Veterans

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May 1, 2017

Austin, TX—Senator Carlos Uresti passed Senate Bill 1622 unanimously today through the Texas Senate. SB 1622 creates a “Camo Alert” (short for camouflage) program for missing military members and veterans who suffer from Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or a traumatic brain injury.

“Having a tool like a Camo Alert could save the lives of those who put their own lives at risk in sacrifice to our country. As a Marine, the father of a Marine, and the brother of a Marine, I am constantly looking for ways to help our soldiers and Veterans. This bill would not have moved through the Senate without the help of Veterans, who are committed to looking out for their fellow wounded warriors.” said Senator Carlos Uresti.

Should the bill pass the House, the Texas Department of Transportation will design the program to operate much like the current Amber Alert and Silver Alert programs for use when a member of the military or a veteran who is having a verified traumatic incident due to PTSD, and cannot be located.

“This is the type of program that will be rarely used, and that you hope to never have to use. But, on those rare occasions when you have the opportunity to save a life, we’re going to be grateful we passed this legislation and have this tool available. I urge the House to take swift action and send SB 1622 to Governor Abbott.” said Uresti.