Senate Bill 11 Passes the Senate

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March 1, 2017

Austin, TX—Today the Texas Senate passed Senate Bill 11. Joint authored by Senate Health and Human Services Committee Vice Chairman Senator Uresti along with Chairman Schwertner and Finance Chairwomen Nelson, SB 11 will bring much needed reforms to Child Protective Services (CPS) policies, improve contract oversight, and expand health care services for children and youth in foster care.

“With the unanimous passage of Senate Bill 11, the Texas Senate took a giant step forward to ensure Texas fulfills our legal and moral obligation to protect our most vulnerable children. SB 11’s reforms are innovative and forward thinking—but they are also long overdue. I’ve spent much of my legislative career working on CPS issues, and I have confidence this bill will save kid’s lives. I urge the Texas House to take swift action and pass this important emergency legislation.” said Senator Carlos Uresti

Senator Uresti has been a tireless advocate on CPS issues in both the Senate and previously as a House member.

“Many of SB 11’s reforms are common sense, but we are also trying some new approaches to helping our CPS children. As founder of the Blue Ribbon Task Force in San Antonio, the advocates I work alongside have stressed the importance of communities and child welfare providers working together to ensure that kids entering the state's care stay closer to the communities they know. SB 11 requires that.” said Senator Uresti

Child Protective Services reform was named as an emergency item by Governor Abbott, which allowed the bill to be heard before the 60th legislative day, the date after which non-emergency items can be heard.