Message from Carlos - January 2017

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January 1, 2017

With the holidays wrapped up, and the decorations in one stage or another of storage, my attention is now focused on final preparations for the upcoming legislative session.

The 85th Legislative Session will begin on Tuesday, January 10th, and run for 140 days, concluding on May 29th. While the session has a tendency to start out slow, with much pomp and circumstance, before we know it, long days and early mornings will be the norm, as the major issues facing our state once again get their day in the sun—or the shade.

On the first day of session, my Capitol Office will be hosting a reception for constituents, friends, and family in celebration of my swearing in, and to kick off the legislative session. I hope you will join us from 12 pm to 3 pm in room 4E.2. We’ll have refreshments, and my staff will be on hand to provide insight into the issues that lie ahead. I hope to see you there!

The Texas legislature is composed of people who have many different full time occupations, such as doctors, Realtors, teachers, and like me, attorneys. While we study hard, and hear testimony from experts, we may not always know the ins and outs of every industry as well as the Texans who carry out the work every day.

Further, the only bill the legislature is required to pass is our state budget, and many folks would be happy if the legislature went home after completing the budget. But for the rest of you, there may be a priority or two you hold dear. These are all reasons to stay engaged with your legislators during the legislative session. You can search for your elected representatives by visiting When an idea, good or bad, warrants your input, give us a call or shoot us an email. In the end, we can make better policy decisions when we hear from the Texans we represent.

We live in a truly dynamic state, with a complex set of laws and programs that have helped us to become the envy of many. This success has also created a host of challenges, which I often refer to as challenging opportunities. This session, I look forward to facing our greatest challenges head on, so that they may become opportunities to make the Texas of tomorrow even greater than the Texas we love today.

Semper Fi!