Hunters Needed!

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October 1, 2016

As deer hunting season approaches, I wanted to draw your attention to a charitable program that fights hunger and promotes environmental stewardship in Texas.  Hunters for the Hungry is a program that allows hunters to donate legally tagged and field-dressed white-tailed deer and mule deer to be processed and distributed to local hunger relief agencies. Since its inception, hunters, meat processors, and food banks working with Hunters for the Hungry have provided over nine million servings of venison to Texans in need.

If you are a hunter, meat processor, or hunger relief agency interested in participating this upcoming season, please see how you can get involved on the program's website: This is just one small way we can help end hunger in our communities and ensure families get the nutrition they need.

General season for white-tailed deer starts on November 5th and general season for mule deer begins November 25th in the Trans-Pecos region. Happy Hunting!