Committees Work Hard in the Interim

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February 1, 2018

2018 is off to a productive start as senate committees began meeting to tackle interim charges that could become a greater focus as we move into the next legislative session. Senator Uresti sits on the Finance, Education, Health and Human Services, Veterans Affairs and Border Security, and Property Tax Reform Committees. Of these, the Finance Committee met in January to discuss the swift allocation of Hurricane Harvey funds, trauma funding for hospitals, and the Texas Emission Reduction Plan, among many other issues that affect the lives and well-being of Texans every day.

Senator Uresti’s team also attended the first Texas Commission on Public School Finance hearing, as commission members begin developing recommendations to the legislature for overhauling our outdated school finance system that has been the subject of multiple statewide lawsuits. During the hearing, state leaders discussed the school finance legal framework, the current and future makeup of Texas’ student populations and education outcomes for students in the state. The commission will meet again in February.

The following Senate Committees will be meeting in February. To watch a hearing live, or to view the dates, times, and agendas please click the link.
•    Senate Committee on Natural Resources & Economic Development
•    Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs and Border Security
•    Senate Committee on Finance
•    Senate Committee on Transportation
•    Interim Joint Committee on Higher Education Formula Funding
•    Senate Committee on State Affairs

To view information on additional committees, visit